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Behaviour of Rahu

First House Rahu -

Rahu makes one worldly, someone who likes being in front and center of things like the sun. Rahu usually produces a politician in this house, yet completely damages the changes of getting married, or ever being happy in married life. Only committed marriage happens when Jupiter is in the 7th house sitting with Ketu, since Rahu and Ketu are always 7 houses apart.

Behaviour of Rahu

Second House Rahu -

Rahu gives wealth, but only after the age of 34, and it gives it in massive amount. Rahu in the 2nd house makes the native fight or argue with his or her family and relative, he or she has a different view on family, and usually these folks either move out of the house at an early age, or they move to a foreign land, as Rahu in 2nd, 4th, 9th and 12th house take a person to foreign lands.

Third House Rahu -

Rahu is a good position for it, since Rahu loves the whole glamour scene, and being in the media house it becomes worldly. This is also a good house to have a rahu for technical field, and good education, and wealth through business. This person is very clever and deceptive, and that’ show they usually make their money, by cheating so cleverly that no one notices it.

Fourth House Rahu -

This is not a good position for Rahu as it damages the peace in home, and usually this person is more of a party person, and hanging out on a weekend kind of person than staying home, however, they desire to have a peaceful lovely home, which they do get after the age of 32.

Fifth House Rahu -

This is a neutral house for Rahu, as it makes a person very creative, gives wealth through investments, but also damages the changes of having children till a very late age, perhaps after 37-42. Rahu in the 5th house also damages the education of the native.

Sixth House Rahu -

This is the best position for Rahu, as it not only gives victory over enemies, it also gives lots of wealth through litigation, and law. Most people with this position become lawyers. Rahu in the 6th, 7th, and 10th house usually produces a lawyer.

Seventh House Rahu -

This is again not a good placement for rahu in terms of married life, this person will cheat on their partner time and time again. This is however a good position for business, reaching a mass audience and customers, and gains through wife.

Eighth House Rahu -

Rahu Makes the person’s life very difficult in terms of health, and accidents. This is one of the worst position to have Rahu in, Ketu however in the 8th house is far better for a long life. Rahu not only gives accident, it could also lead to jail time. This Rahu however produces a doctor and a surgeon. Most people in the medical field have Rahu in the 8th house.

Nineth House Rahu -

Rahu is a difficut position for it to be in, as this is the house of law, religion, culture, and tradition while Rahu goes against all of these things. Rahu either makes a person very religion, who usually leave their religious beliefs later on in life, or the person never believes in religion.

Tenth House Rahu -

Rahu is the best position for Rahu to be in. Here, Rahu gives worldly fame, strong will, and lots of wealth through career of any choosing. Rahu in the 10th house however makes a person workaholic. The native’s world is all about work, and little play, however, if Mercury is sitting with Rahu then it nullifies that effect.

Eleventh House Rahu -

Rahu gives massive amount of wealth, especially during its Dasha. This Rahu gives story of rag to riches, a self-made billionaire. This positive however is not good for having children; either the native will suffer a miscarriage, or have an abortion at least once in life.

Twelveth House Rahu -

Rahu is not a good position for Rahu , as here it can make the native’s mind, house and aura haunted with spirits, black magic, and become a victim of tantra. Even though Rahu here takes a person to foreign lands for permanent settlement, it also might put the native in trouble with the law. This position however makes a native very good science fiction author, especially if the person has Guru Chandal Yoga, (Conjuction of Rahu and Jupiter).

In conclusion, Rahu gives best results in 2,3,6,10 and 11th house, where everywhere else it creates delay regarding the matter of that house.

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