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Effects of the Sun in various Different situations

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Effects of the Sun in various Different situations – exaltation /debilitation etc

(1) If the planet is vargottama, exalted, in mooltrikona or in a friend's sign in the birth or navansha chart, strong, beneficial for the chart and has good Vinshopaka strength, the good results will be exaggerated and the adverse will be reduced.

Effects of the Sun in various Different situations

(2) If the planet is in the sign of an intimate friend (having taken into account the temporary relationship as well in the birth or navansha chart, the foregoing observation will be further accentuated.

(3) On the other hand if the planet is debilitated in the birth or navansha chart, or in an enemy's or great enemy's sign in one of these charts, weak and does not have sufficient Vinshopaka strength, the good effects will be reduced and the evil will be dominant.

(4) However if the planet is debilitated and vargottama (which means that the planet is debilitated in the ascen­dant chart and also in the Navamsha chart) but has above average resultant Vinshopaka strength or there is annulment of debilitation, the effects of debilitation will be considerably reduced.

(5) Another point to be borne in mind is that the interpre­tation of the location of a planet in a sign ought to be done in the light of the ascendant. The Sun in Aries for Aries ascendant will not give the same results as the Sun in Aries for Taurus ascendant. For the former the Sun) will indicate a rajyoga and make the native, inter alia, wealthy, but for the latter the Sun will be in the twelfth house and may make the native spend heavily.

(6) The aspects should also be taken into account of all planets specially of Saturn and Rahu.

(7) The houses occupied by the Sun and Moon are also taken almost at par with the ascendant.

(8) It need not be, stressed again that the nature of the planet: for the ascendant, association with other planets, its placement in the eighth Navamsha, strength of the planet in the sign, the strength of the dispositor of the concerned planet and its karakatva.

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