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Sun in First House

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Sun in First House

A very good position for the Sun and will confer good health if there is no detracting factor. The native will have good relations with the government. He will be respectful and obedient to his father. His spouse will be from a high family. He will be on good terms with the people in power. He will be morally upright and will have a religious or ethically correct attitude to life. He will be frank and magnanimous.

Sun in First House

Sun in First House will be highly beneficial for the younger sister/brother of the native. The younger sister/brother will be well placed, wealthy and will have friends at high places. It will also make the native's mother inclined to religion and she will go on pilgrimages. His children will do well at the highest levels of studies. They may also go abroad in this connection.

On the other hand if the Sun is adversely placed in the first house it will make a person aggressive, impetuous, lazy, unforgiving, ambitious, Proud of impressive appearance, and impatient. He will be full of vitality, bald, tall, lean, and may suffer from ailments in the head and eye but on the whole will enjoy good health.

The health of the native may remain indifferent during the childhood. He is likely to gain from cattle. The native will have restricted number of children.

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Kundli Matching
Kundli Matching

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