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Kavach Therapy

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Kavach Therapy

Kavach/Amulet/Yantra Treatment is the main issue with Astral solutions which has obtained acceptance across the globe and is becoming a well-known helpful evaluate for providing the trength to the benefic planet's, according to the native's increasing ascendant. It is neither a miraculous/ wonderful system nor any concept recitation. Whenever in the native's graph the benefic planet's are poor due to its positioning & durability, in the phrase of debilitation (weakness) and affected by malefic planet's. In this scenario the benefic planet's cannot promote/protect their importance in getting the preferred outcomes by the native

Kavach Therapy

The KAVACH is a little system (approx. 2 inches by 1 inch) created from silver or silver. Most commonly silver steel is used to engrave wonderful figures relevant to benefic planet's in the nativity. These wonderful figures come from the traditional literary works of zodiac and etched for all the benefic planet's on only one Kavach in a specified chosen excellent a chance to bath best outcomes for a particular ascendant.

This Kavach/Amulet/Yantra is to be used around the throat like a necklace, also in a specified chosen boost measured on the reasons for place (through their longitude/latitudes, time area and DST) of the place of residing of the local. The Kavach is a very affordable system in a way that all the benefic planet's can be increased by dressed in only one Kavach which expenses only Rs. 5,000 (US $ 120), whereas only one or several Gemstones provides for building up only one benefic world only, and expenses lots of money.

Kavach has no adverse reactions like dressed in with other yantra or gems. The rocks or gems are efficient when they are in the good condition of cleanliness, dimension, weight and included in appropriate steel and used in chosen boost according to native's place ,not by name of times. The Kavach alone is able of building up the poor planet's by 80-90%.

The boost is chosen according to certain factors ,i.e

a) The ascendant must be Gemini, Leo, Libra or Aries as Gemini has 2 malefic planet's i.e Rahu & Ketu and other three ascendants described have 3 malefic planet's out of 9 planet's in the nativity.

b) The increasing ascendant must be powerful of 5 levels to 25 levels, less than 5 levels is regarded as in the condition of beginnings (weak) and more than 25 levels regarded as in the condition of old age (weak).

c) When the benefic planet's on the road are in durability & not in the indication of debilitation, not affected by any malefic planet's and their positioning are not in the bad homes, like which enhance argument, illness, robbery, flame, arson, impediment, refusal, injuries, habit, hospital stay, failures, etc. The present working primary & sub times and the following times should be of powerful well placed benefic planet's.

d) The position of malefic planet's should be in excellent homes and not near the midpoint of the ascendant, not affecting any benefic planets/houses and there should be no problem to any malefic planet's also.


The Kavach and Astral solutions does not only fix the particular issue of the local but also offer certain benefits also, like-

  • a)Harmonious and lengthy wedding life/relationship
  • b)Concentration & Achievements in research & spiritualism
  • c)Exposure of the in designed quality & identification
  • d)Professional & Work at home possibilities
  • e)Blessed with kids
  • f)Early agreement of lifestyle
  • g)Early wedding
  • h)Protection from misshappening, miseries & illnesses.
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